School Partnership


“Bruce Elementary School”
Sloan maintains its community partnership with BRUCE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, located at the intersection of Nance and Jensen Streets, a couple of blocks from Sloan UMC. Many of the members of Sloan attended Bruce Elementary School at its previous location just east of Sloan.
Sloan’s mission project, in connection with its Vacation Bible School venture, provided socks and undergarments for the students at Bruce at the start of the school year. Other ventures have provided back packs and school supplies. In addition, Sloan’s members serve as “ANGELS” each year, granting Christmas wishes for a select group of students at Bruce School. Several members from Sloan UMC have been certified to serve as volunteers on the Bruce Elementary School campus.
THANKS!   THANKS!  THANKS! for the outpouring of support for our continued outreach in partnership with BRUCE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  The donations in both clothing items and financial contributions were awesome.  We appreciate the coordination of our outreach efforts as provided by Ms. Donna Powell – “WRAPAROUND SPECIALIST” (Counselor) and the principal of Bruce Elementary School – Dr. Shana Nickerson.  The spirit of this holiday season is strengthened as we “give ourselves away” to encourage, to uplift, to share and to allow others to see, hear, and embrace Jesus Christ “within each of us”.
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