“Journey to Bethlehem”

Families from several Houston area congregations came together as the Houston Chapter of BMCR (Black Methodists for Church Renewal) hosted a “FAMILY MOVIE MATINEE” at the Edwards Houston Marq’E Theater on November 11, 2023.  The musical, “Journey to Bethlehem”, was the featured movie enjoyed in the private auditorium buyout just for this occasion. 

Rev. Dr. Keith Somerville, President of the Houston Chapter of BMCR, welcomed the families filled with children and youth from kindergarten thru senior high school.  The overall purpose for this venture, according to Patricia Jefferson – Coordinator, was to provide an opportunity for our children/youth to reconnect and enjoy face-to-face interactions with the hope of continuing on a more regular basis aside from the annual “Back to School” outreach.

Though the storyline from “Journey to Bethlehem” was a familiar one, its upbeat musical rendition of the events that led to the “Birth of Jesus Christ” was not only entertaining, but it was also enlightening as it revealed some of the more humanistic traits of all of the characters – from Mary, to Joseph, to the Three Wise Men, of the jealous King and definitely of the Angel-Gabriel.

Each guest was gifted with a Christmas token as they exited the theater.  The family gathering provided an ideal launching for the holiday season.