BMCR Empowerment Conference




The Houston Area Local Caucus of Black Methodists for Church Renewal (BMCR) in support of the Texas Annual Conference’s  “We Love All God’s  Children” initiative set August 3,  as their “Back to School Day of Empowerment”.  The “We Love All God’s Children” initiative seeks to provide resources and opportunities for under resourced children and youth.  BMCR’s commitment to inclusiveness and justice are among the organization’s most cherished values. 

With a focus on literacy, health, and discipleship, BMCR’s “Back to School Day of Empowerment” will serve as a springboard for other such Back to School ventures that may follow.  While much attention is often given to “what’s wrong with our children/youth” and “what needs to be fixed in our homes/schools”, this day of empowerment will focus on and celebrate the positive gifts and graces that are within the grasp of ALL children/youth, ALL homes/schools, and ALL churches/communities. 

In addition to a general spirit-filled service of empowerment, age-appropriate opportunities for engagement are being provided for each sub-group – CHILDREN, YOUTH, and ADULTS – culminating with the formulation of a “DECLARATION OF EMPOWERMENT” document that will serve as a mantra or affirmation for the school year.  In essence, our goal is to remind EVERYONE (children, youth, adults) that we are unique creations, with many gifts that have yet to be unwrapped.  As we take our rightful positions as “keepers of the village”, we also take on the responsibility to nurture and care for one another, to reach out to lift up and not tear down, and to do all that is within our power to be the BEST that we can be. 

Our time is NOW to empower our children/youth with spoken words of VICTORY and not DEFEAT and with actions that reflect and embrace our commitment to each and every one of them.

     The gifts of time, talents and treasures, so freely given, have made this “Back to School Empowerment Conference” a reality!  From calls of support to contributions of  full engagement, the efforts of the following persons have brought us to this day of fulfillment:  Executive Board Members of BMCR, Karen Kelley, Mary Guillory, LaGloria Sephus, Rev. Vastine Watson, Barbara Henderson, Rev. Linda Davis, Annie Ford, Alaina Adams, Jasmine Cook, Glenda White, Sandra Pipkin, Sean Pipkin-Hawkins, Mikhail Jackson, Tracy Penn, Betty Elder, along with the Music Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, and the entire Sloan Memorial UMC Family – Rev. Oscar Chambers, Pastor.

     Special expressions of gratitude are extended to Rev. Deborah Giles, the Board of Trustees and the entire Mt. Vernon UMC Family for their gracious hospitality in hosting this ministry venture.

     Our appreciation is also extended to our conference facilitators who have shared their expertise and challenged us all to dig deeper, reach higher and stand boldly as the beautiful and gifted creations God designed us to be:  Giovanni Carroll, Annie Ford, Sharon Kinney, Dr. Everette Penn, TAPS Academy and “Sister Mama” Sonya Lucas Roberts.

     It is our fervent prayer that this day of empowerment will serve as a springboard to a victorious school year for ALL!

Patricia A. Jefferson, Coordinator

“Back to School Empowerment Conference”